September 13th, 2019

Few Clowns short

HEY, not only is it "TGIF", it's also FRIDAY THE 13th. Jason's birthday?

Yes, we made it. It's TGIF and also Jason's birthday, Friday the 13th. What a pair!  Thanks to Rich D's help, i restored 500 gigs of data and stuff and now my computer works just fine, and its faster loaded too.
I didn't feel too hot yesterday, Mr.arthritis was visiting, going from room to room, when my neighbor called to tell me a branch had fell across her fence. So.......I got out my trusty saw ( thanks again Rich D) and proceded to saw and saw a few kind of large branches in half. well, truth be told, they weren't really large branches so much as kind of large twigs, spread out. but it took me a time to lift and twist them out and finally clear her fence. the only damage as far as i can see, is a little piece of wood snaped off.  2 1/2 miles south of us, was a different story.
ok, i'm off
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