September 11th, 2019

windows xp autumn

It all turned out right.

I finally downloaded Adobe Acrobat, but i had to go through Amazon and then, Adobe.  Seems my $300.00 software title is now considered "Legacy", product, by Adobe!  Funny, I just bough it back in November 2012. But its done. Now i kind feel ok. I just have to move all my data files from the backup hard drive to the desk top. YAY me. Thats almost 500 gigs. I write a lot.
ok, remember 9/11. Where were you? I was sitting on the front porch, drinking my first cup of coffee while listening to a walkie talkie: two high school teachers were talking about some terrible event that was happening. Thats how i found out about 9/11.
Ok, i'm off
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