August 20th, 2019


what a busy day

Yesterday started out by going to breakfast with a friend, coming home, doing the laundry and then deciding to trim the small branches in the side yard. wow, was that ever a bad idea. it wasn't trimming anything. It was a ton of work and I spent more time cleaning up the branches as I did cut them down. and I'm still not done. The big boy is today, as soon as I wake up, that is. I have to have my morning coffee. I believe there's a law about me having that before anything else. I think. So for entertainment, I watched on the last night of free HBO, Kung fu panda, 2. Yes, I did. I miss that panda. well, I also like Wallykazam. See, this is what a grown up watched, when your over 21. ok. time to see what the cats doing.
I'm off
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