August 19th, 2019


Mr.Bumpy has started the school year out right.

Yes, Mr.Bumpy is once again our homeroom teacher. Should be an interesting year. Well, I'm movie out. can't believe I sat through all those flicks. I ended with "Titan AE". Now, work has to be done. trim a brush, wash the clothes, and plan on tossing out junk. Time to clean the old house of stuff I've accumulated over the past 6 decades. and boy, is it a lot of junk, I mean stuff. No, I was right the first time: junk.
and I'm celebrating 18 years of writing a blog. On August 14, 2001, I started writing into and reading Live Journal. That was 18 years ago. A lot of close and good friends have moved on since then. Married, moved to another country, moved to another blog, or Face Book or Twitter. They have grown up. and changed with the time. Here I still be.
I'm off
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