August 15th, 2019

Boys be boys

Well, here i am. one day after "HUMP" day.

YES! Hump day has come and gone. YAY US. I celebrated last night by going out to eat with my friends at a restaurant called Uecllent(?) Its an Italian place and I had a GARLIC salad with assorted vegies. ( lots and lots of garlic). It was delicious. and not that expensive! a fun evening. Then I fell asleep about 11PM, ( being retired has told my body its ok to fall asleep whenever it wants to- it doesn't need my permission!) I woke up around 4AM to find another dead mouse. That's the second one in two days. What gives! I had the carpenter fill all the holes in the basement. so, the investigation continues.....
Ok, its research day and grocery shopping. YAY. The water dept just inspected my plumping work that was done. It's always great to talk with workers who are about my age!.
ok, I'm off.
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