July 17th, 2019


This here is cutoff weather. and maybe run through the sprinkler.

WOW. It's hard to breath in this hot, humid, sticky weather. I just went out and rolled out the trash cart. That was the first mistake I did this morning. and.....ON HUMP day too. and to think we have about 7 more days like this. Unless the weather pattern should change, like is usually does. Even my trusty cat, Scooter, is napping behind me in front of the window AC. A window AC is all I really need. it would be silly of me to AC a whole house when there are only two of us here. and look at it this way, since the summer equinox. the days have been getting shorter. By minutes too. Too bad, I kind of like sitting on my front porch, enjoying the summer evenings. It used to be, we kids could play outside till the street lights came on. ah,....
ok, I'm off
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    AC and cat snoring