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July 16th, 2019

another hot day in paradice.

I went outdoors to attempt to mow the lawn: I got 10 feet before I turned around and went back inside. Nuts! This is no weather to work outside, specially, mowing your own lawn. It can wait.
It's a good thing the cat has most of my day planed for me. Lap time, petting him, telling him what a majestic feline he is. Now if only he would quit shedding! Yesterday was nice, had breakfast at "new beginnings" with my pal and met two other people in the restaurant who we struck up a conversation with. all in all, a nice way to spend the morning.
Then the heat hit us as we left the restaurant. and how! Wow, now that is unforgiving heat if I've ever felt it. and we only have 11 more days of this stuff. YAY us.
Ok, I'm off ( and sweating)