July 13th, 2019

Boys be boys

Good day....so so day.

It started out great. they removed the yellow caution tape, and I got a call from my carpenter, and then it kind of went down hill. I have a brand new side walk. yay me. but they poured concrete onto the water shut off valve. and left the opening, open. I called the city just to check if they would be responsible for putting on the water valve cap. Yup. and at 6:23PM, they actually came out. He tried everything he could, but it was too much cement to remove. so.....his supervisor will be out Monday. Then I watched SpongeBob square pants birthday. It was a hoot! They had a section where the actual voice actors played their role in a live action segment. It was great. Clancy Brown didn't seem to age at all.
so here I am, getting ready for the next 9 days of 90. cross your fingers.
I'm off
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