July 10th, 2019


Fun being a kid again.

It was almost like using a time machine. Yesterday, I sat on the front porch, watching cranes, cement mixers and workers smooth out the new sidewalk. When I was knee high to a grasshopper, I would travel many blocks to see the "HEAVY" machines do their work. Ah, nothing is like the wonderful aroma of diesel fuel being burned. Well, to a kid anyway. And, I got a front row seat yesterday and the preceding months of watching all this work being done. Right in front of my eyes. But, like all good things, they got done with their work. All that remains is freshly poured and drying cement, and yellow caution ribbon, that is supposed to inform people, that yes, you shouldn't be walking on wet cement. So today, I'm back to rolling out the trash cart, cleaning some more stuff and of course, holding and petting the cat. What a wonderful life it is.
I'm off
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