July 7th, 2019

Boys be boys

That icon is right, and i don't wear a halter!

Now that's heat! I attempted to mow the lawn yesterday, and only got through half of it. The front half. I had to stop 3 times due to the heat wearing me down. When I finally got done, I felt like I had ran 5 miles while carrying the cat! Then, for my nightly entertainment, I wrote up the club minutes, while still dealing with the heat drain. I can't believe how much that humidity effected my body. I don't think working out at the gym ever got me this wore out. But that's all behind me now. I just have to mow the back and cut down a bunch of plant life that shouldn't be where its at.
ah. summer. "Did it rain last night?" I can't tell.
ok, I'm off
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