July 1st, 2019


Yes, it's Blue Monday, but laundry day is postponed due to this being the 4th of July week.

yup. no house hold chores today, or this week, for that matter. This is the hot 4th of July week. temps are above normal and maybe a chance of rain. maybe. Best of all, its' way too hot to mow the lawn. YAY US. My kind of weather. I think. so today I plan on, get ready for it, relaxing and maybe getting ready for the clubs' meetings. Maybe. this is an exciting week. so much to do. fireworks, (mow the lawn), sprinklers ( mow the lawn) and picnics. YAY. ( and mow the lawn).
So you see, I'm having a fun packed week of maybe's, but for sure, relaxing....
I'm off
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