June 30th, 2019


Wow, when summer arrives, SUMMER really arrives!

My goodness. From cold nights to 70 degree nights. And this is the last day in June too. What's August going to be like? This is not a good sign. We go from up and down jet streams to fearful that this is the new normal. Yikes. wouldn't that be the pits. There goes our vegies. The cat let US sleep in today. I think the AC did him in. He was curled up next to my head. Ah...nothing like a warm fur ball next to your head on a hot summer night. I can tell people are not used to this weather either: no lawn mower noises. It's too hot for even that. Hopefully, this will all straighten out before fall and winter?
ok, off to take a nap after waking up???? ok, I'm going to actually hold the fur ball.
I'm off
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