June 28th, 2019


Now this is summer. "HEAT WAVE" High humidity...

I turned the AC on yesterday. WOW. I can't believe how much heat it was pushing outside! Today, I woke up, to a hot, sweaty me and cat, made breakfast and then, while putting the dishes away, my pal showed up. I forgot: he had an appointment today and could spend 5 hours with me. So, we went out to "New Beginning's" restaurant where I ordered, guess what? eggs and toast and jelly. LOL. But, these were the best cooked, tasting eggs I've had in a long time.
So back home, and discovered that my HP laptop computer has a speed problem, as in it seems like a herd of arthritic turtles going uphill is faster than my hard drive. So we'll try something different next week.
I'm doing the laundry right now and already emptied out the litter box. Anything else you can think I should be doing???
Ok, I'm off...Ok, it's TGIF.
I'm really off now
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