June 25th, 2019


WOW, the last full week of June? where did the spring/summer go to?

Wasn't it just yesterday we were slipping and sliding through ice covered sidewalks? ok, a tad longer than that. But here we are, the last week of June. Next week, The 4Th of July.  gosh. this getting old seems to have a time machine combined to it too.  The days and hours seem to have merged into one period. well, it seems like that. Today i have DTE removing one gas meter and installing another one. I guess that means the new gas pipe is working. YAY us. next up, replace the sidewalk.  So today i'll do the laundry and empty the litter and trash and and and. Take a nap????  Naw. I'll be woke up by then .
ok, I'm off
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