June 23rd, 2019

Boys be boys

yes, it is definetly Summer. indeed!

I wish this was the middle of July, so our memories of winter was far, far away and almost forgotten. As it is now, we have 6 months before that funny stuff falls from the sky. Saturday was do notihig day. you know, one of those early lazy hazy days of summer, but just a few days after the first day of summer arrives. kind of like jumping the gun. Today is house work stuff. but it is going to be light.  We're still in Field Day 2019 and i listened on the radio last night and heard oodles of cw traffic. Now so much on voice, but this was only on 40 metters. ( 7 megahertz)
 so i guess i should look and see if i can find a nice, not too ragged pair of cut-offs. You know, the levi jeans kind. ah.....summer.
I'm off

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