June 22nd, 2019


ah, summer.. the day after the summer soltice.

Cutoffs, skate boards, swimming holes, picnics.  Yup. I've done none of that stuff this summer.  So far. it's still early though. I spent a good part of yesterday writing tech companys, researching an article for our next Newsletter issue. I am bound and determined to get all four issues out this year. and in order too.
Today is Field Day, so oodles of folks are working the ham bands, making contacts. This was supposed to be a test of our emergency Preparedness . but now, its mainly just to get out of the house after winter and have fun. And Fun it is.
I also had a pleasent surprize yesterday: my neighbor took me out for an ice cream cone, in a bowl, with Hersy's chocolate covering it. YUM. and no mospquioes. somethings going to happen. they're just waiting, binding their time, and then, scratch summer!
Ok, time to go.
I'm off

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