June 18th, 2019


Here we are, a little over 73 hours till the summer equinox.

The longest day of the year, fast approches.  Say, didn't we just get over winter and cold and snow?? so this is it? maybe, if we're lucky, half a dozen 80 degree days, while we have cooler days between. ok. I'll take what i am given.  No, i didn't walk up to the avenue for gas. My discount coupon came through and i got my medicine at a discount. YAY me.Now, today is the day.  before the rains come?
oh boy. so much rain. the grass is one happy camper. Not me. i have to cut it, by walking between rain drops. no fun. and to think we kids used to get on our bikes and ride through rain storms, till we were all soggy. ah being a kid again. you know, young and kind of stupid. Well, acting stupid like. heck, it was fun being a kid. Not so much fun being an adult though. Way too many bills!
ok, i'm off
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