June 17th, 2019


it's the last week of the longest week, or day, in june.

Yes, sunrise and sunset will be the longest periods this coming week. I think its on Friday. and after that..........We start losing minutes till,  "Jingle bells...."
ah, i must be dreaming. two day of 80 degrees do not make a summer. put another quarter in and see if we can get summer started again. So today is walk up to the gas station and get gas so i can mow the lawn.  "Does that make any sense to you?"  Doesn't to me either. Let it grow.  Well, Rich did it. I watched the first 6 epeisodes of "Game of Thrones". Yes, that is good writing and great acting. Now thats a good surprise for me . I didn't think there was anything worth watching on TV anymore, except for "WallyKazam" and "Paw Patrol". I was wrong.
so, i guess i've procrastinated  long enough. time to go.
I'm off
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