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June 16th, 2019


Yes, it's "POP's" day. So for goodness sake, treat Dad like he's the king, he is. Father's are always proud of their family, but when's the last time you heard someone say, "They were proud of their Dad?"  Tell everybody, especially your Dad, how Special he is.
Today is also, for me anyway, time to watch "Game of Thrones". I watched the first 2 episodes last night, and would have spent most of the night watching the next Blu-ray disk. It's got the best writing i've seen and heard in a long, long time!  I should have tried this out before. Not too late. after all, its' the story.
ok, Have a HAPPY FATHER's Day. some of you will have a tought time with that today. Life changes things. and not always for the good.
I'm off