June 12th, 2019

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Watch out for roaming camels. It's Hump day. But, it's nice to know we're halfway through the week. We can look forward to the rainy weekend?? NO. We can look forward to the Stanley Cup Hockey game tonight. GAME 7! YES. It's been a long time since we've had this much fun. 7 games. That is the only thing I'll be watching tonight.
But, I do have some other things to get with. Yes, I did mow the lawn yesterday. No matter how much I protested, the cat convinced me to mow it! Cat's are like that. The good thing, I almost ran out of gas. YAY again! Now I'll have to walk up to the marathon station and get a whopping $1.40 worth of gas. Just enough for half the mowing season. I said I'm simple, not stupid.
Ok, time to load up on chips and milk. I said I was going to have a great night with hockey. Chips and milk do it for me.
I'm off ( in more ways than one)
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