June 3rd, 2019

cute cat

it's Happy, Blue Monday.

ah.. No rain for the rest of the week. and NO SNOW. now this is my kind of weather. Finally, after 4 days, I'm over the food poisoning. Whatever it was, sure hurt my tummy. I'm beginning to think it's not the meat I order, but the matter it which its' cooked? just a thought. Today is mow the lawn day and make out a grocery list. Oh my gosh!!!! My $5.28 carton of Ramen soup just jumped to $19.96. Rich jumped $8.00 and chicken just went up $3.00 ( that's made here in the states- but so is most of the other stuff). It's going to be along, long time till 2020.
I may have company today. Now onto sad news. "WALLYKAZAM" has been moved from 10AM to 6AM. I like the show, but not that much. oh well.....
Look out lawn, here I come.
I'm off ( my rocker, that is)
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