May 31st, 2019

bonsai Tree

YES. TGIF and......The last full day of May. and its going to rain later today.

Wow, Happy TGIF and the last full day of May. I'm finally over my tummy ache after eating something I shouldn't have Wednesday night. Sure took long enough to get that out of my system. Had my 6 month check up with the Dr. Yesterday: my blood pressure was up again. So, we're going to see how this med works and if not, change it.
Boy that food poisoning it the pits. it started hurting around 11AM and didn't really end till 10PM.
yuck. Then, I fell asleep in the chair till it was time for bed?? what an experience!
But I'm on the mend now.
Just in time to wave good bye to MAY and all its rain. Except, we're suppose to have rain later tonight. yuck.
ok, it TGIF enjoy.
I'm off
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