May 29th, 2019

bonsai Tree

Yes, the last, absolutely last 3 days of May.

About time. only 73 hours till June, with its nice, 70 degree weather, no rain, no snow and no mowing the lawn. "YES!".
ah, it's nice to be dreaming while your awake! Well, I had my blood test yesterday. once again they had a difficult time finding a vein. finally, they took the sample from the top of my hand. ouch! and of course, the blood flowed oh so very slowly. But it got in the tubes. now tomorrow I get to go to the Dr. and my 6 month check up and change prescriptions. Yay me. Busy week, but more so next week. My computer has told me, its time to put this one to rest. SO.......i'll be backing up everything and try and re-install everything. I hope.
So, enjoy HUMP day. YAY you.
I'm off
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