May 26th, 2019

bonsai Tree

YAY. It's the middle of Memorial Day Weekend. and yes, r.a.i.n.

This modified biosphere is driving me crazy. No snow in winter, then we get dumped on. Then spring, and we still get dumped on! I'm tired of being dumped on. How about you?
I have no choice, today I'm going to mow the lawn. wet grass or not. Then I have junk to throw out, as I clean up the old house. Nuts. I was hoping I could sit back, and listen to the Moody blues. Always puts me in a good mood. Next week, no not next week, but the week after, we remember D-Day. This would be a good time to offer help, of any kind, to any veteran.
This is a good time to we got here, and what people had to sacrifice to get us here.
I'm off
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