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May 23rd, 2019

We, the cat and I, got woke up at 4:20AM by the sound of pounding rain and thunder. Once that had our attention, we saw the lightening. YAY. we're finally at Spring. ( it did snow out west)
So today is grocery day and roll back the trash cart. Rich finally had the time to install the window blinds ( I was gong to buy clear blinds, but they didn't have any in stock!).
looks real nice. That got me in the mood to clean out the dresser drawers. Wow, I actually have Grand Valley State College tee shirts! I'll them too. I also found a "Len's Dive shop" tee shirt. That brought back a lot of warm memories. Len and I were pals. of course, anybody who knew Len became his pal. Really miss that guy. I've got the newsletter almost finished. YAY me and computers.
ok, I'm off