May 17th, 2019


Yay. it's TGIF and its official: Winter is behind us..YAY.

ah, this is the life. No slipping, or sliding, or hurting your back shoveling snow., we just have to clean up the yard after the winter gets done with it. all the rain got the grass to really grow, out with the lawn, mower. Wait, it won't start!  Off to the lawn mower hospital ( a.k.a. Hofacter).  Listen to the huge, noisy, street vacuum cleaner go slowly by. No, not a street Sweeper a really large, noisy vacuum cleaner on wheels. well, it is a truck, but you can tell by the noise, its a vacuum cleaner. and what a great job they did too.  I checked, they have my new gas line installed already. now just to wait till they get the rest of the work done. maybe by july??
Today is Happy Friday. Happy because i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. ah...time to put my feet up and get ready to print the old newsletter. kind of.....maybe....
Ok, I'm off

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