May 15th, 2019


It's coming.....No, not warmer temps. they're already here. I mean, PS-5.

It's Happy Hump Day. Yay us.  Sad though...Tim Conway passed away. There was an actor, one in a million. Oh, he will be missed.
So busy Tuesday saw me get oodles done. Finally! About time. Today is roll out the band, i mean the carts. I wish it was the band. A good neighborhood tune would liven up the old neighborhood. My mom who play the piano, me on slap bass and she would sing. After she passed away, i heard from many neighbors how quiet the old block has become. They'll right. I don't hear any music floating around the block anymore. What, nobody plays an instrument anymore???
time to get with it.
I'm off ( and enjoying it)
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    enya the memories of the trees