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May 9th, 2019

Yes, "MOMs'" is Sunday.

I bet you all forgot.  "Mothers Day" is this Sunday.  Time to celebrate her, for EVERYTHING. Mom's work, 24/7.  and they don't complain. well, not a lot, anyway.
So today is soggy thursday. rain hitting the window actually woke me up. Not the cat. He left me just after the first splat. Today is supposed to be grocery day. More like get the cat his stuff and my medicine. YUCKIE POO.
No fun being a grown up. Nobody wants to play hide and seak.  no swings or other playground stuff. somebody ruled they just weren't too safe. actually, they were a lot of fun. Riding your bike full speed into the sand pile.  wipe out.....but we laughed and had fun.
But Happy Mothers Day, to all the Mothers.
I'm off