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May 6th, 2019

Professor Gizmo is teaching today.

Howdy. did you miss me? I was busy, listening to the Friday night club meeting minutes, and writing out those minutes in Word. That's what I did on yesterdays beautiful Sunday. But, it was still a nice Sunday afternoon. I took many breaks and went out to the front porch and watched the squirrels run about and the birds chirp chirping. ah....Spring in the late, late winter.
Today, is what to do with the old, dilapidated dresser. Right now, Scooter the cat is using it to play king of the mountain. Cats are like that. I did order "stuff", for the house and me. I'm finally going to put blinds up in the dinning room. Now, if that works out ok, i'll try that for the living room too. instead of curtains. yuck.
Ok, time to work.
I'm off