April 28th, 2019


so much for the snow.

I only saw a few flakes. The rest of the time I was watching Hockey. YAY. Go team i'm watching at the present. And they're on today as well. No snow on the ground. It was on the street for a while, but its gone. Now its replaced with 40 degrees. That's nowhere closer to 70 degrees, is it.
But its the last weekend i April. So i guess it's ok. i guess.
Today is move the cats stuff. He's getting older so i'm moving the litter box downstairs for him.  I had 3 guys over estimating what sanding and titing my bathroom floor might cost. No anwer yet. Tomorrow, maybe the Hoffactor guy will pick up my lawn mower: he thinks i need pure gas to run my mower. ??? we'll find out what the problem is when he gets done with it.
So enjoy the last Sunday in April. YAY us.
I"m off
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