April 26th, 2019


Ah, yes....It is "TGIF". and that means....

Yes, its "TGIF " and of course, that means STANLEY CUP PLAY offs. YAY us. It also means we'll be getting the last snow fall of the season-year?  BUt maybe that will happen when I'm asleep. That would be good. So I'm behind trimming the junk in my yard. But i trust it will be accomplished within one whole day. Wow, the last weekend of April!  The year is going on fast forward, or so it seems. Now i have the summer - spring(?) stuff to stuff in the next newsletter. stuff is the right word.
Today, my new insurance guy is coming over. So, i got out of bed at 7:30AM. What an idiot!  i bet i sleep in tomorrow, if i can that is. The cat, smarter than me, jumped onto my lap to go to ....sleep? what a smarty kat. of course, i couldn't pull my socks on, and hold the cat at the same time. SO......we watched "Dora, the adventurer " while not jiggling the cat awake.  Hello and welcome to friday...
But so what, its Friday. The weekend is upon us. YAY us. Now get busy.
I'm off
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