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April 22nd, 2019


Laundry day. watching the backhoe drive up and down the street every few minutes. Doing some Monday work and then, out doors stuff. Well, not a lot of outdoor stuff, my arthritis is still hanging on. YUCK. Come on, leave me alone. well, at least for a few months. ok? ( who am I talking too?)
Had a great weekend. Saw my old friend Lee. it's been awhile. He just got back from the hospital: seems that if you don't sleep and eat for a few days, your body will start to shut down. Live and learn.
I also looked at the 90 day outlook for our weather: NO SNOW!. ah.....
I watched Wolfgang Puck last night. He was selling his immersion beater, mixer. It did a lot of cool stuff. maybe I'll think about it?
ok, I'm off