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April 13th, 2019

YAY. Mr.Bumpy is back teaching! YAY.

Welcome to the last sunny, almost tolerable Saturday before the GREAT rain, snowy and windy week. This is Holy Week too. Time flies.
Today I'm finally getting that water out of my ear canal. So now I can walk without trying to fall down. But last night, I took advantage by watching 3 new movies, while holding a sleeping Scooter the cat. He actually slept for over a whole hour without me waking me up. of course, my legs fell asleep a couple of times, but so what! So while petting the cat, I watched 1. The Foreigner, with Jackie Chan. 2. Aftermath, with Arnold Schegenneger (sp) 3. Ghost in the shell.4. KIN. Interesting films. Jackie Chan's film was potbelly the best of the lot. A serious role for him. Likewise, Arnolds film was a non-action film. Good to see them both perform something different.
ok, it's soggy, cold, snowy Saturday night to early Monday. YUCKIE POO.
ok, I'm off