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April 11th, 2019

That was a nice summer we had. 2 days below 70, and just a smidgen of rain. and now..snow.and cold temps. Yes, that was  a nice summer. Now on to putting up the Christmas tree and get the snow shovel ready.
I didn't look at the extended forecast, for fear i'd see more snow in the forecast. NO MORE SNOW. Thank you.
Today is go shopping day and do nothing day. When is snows in the middle of April, i get quiet. Can't really do a lot outdoors and dont have the tools to do what i want inside. I'm deciding on what to put on the bathroom floor. first off, find the right sander. I have two rooms to do, and still haven't decided what to put, if anything, on the floor after its sanded. maybe i'll leave plain coated wood??
ok, i'm off