April 9th, 2019


Yay. the first 70 degree day......and then snow?

We've made it. Winter is finaly taking its last, deep breath, before taking a long, well deserved nap till October. And now, on to mowing the lawn, still cleaning up the lawn and raking up last falls leafs. and then complaining about the hot temps???
It's a visous cycle.
To celebrate the end of winter, I watched "The Meg" and "Skyscapter". and then decided what topics i might use tonight on the net. hmmmm...still undecided.
I just kicked in the next phase of my diet. Yay me, now on to the target weight?  whatever that is.
ok, time to move on to the big chair in the living room, so the cat can jump up and go to sleep on me....
I'm off
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