April 5th, 2019

happy me

YES, It's TGIF. and that means the first really feel like it Spring Weekend!

Ah, 60+ degrees tomorrow! ( and a possibility of snow next Friday???)  IT's going to be a great weekend. So how am i going to celebrate it?  WHy, get on my knees and sand the bathroom floor, rake up all those tiwigs and maple leaves ( I don't have a maple tree in my yard) and actually, sit in my chair and go shopping for a higher computer chair. Yesterday we went to Lowes. WOW. I asked where their hand saws were, and she wasn't sure, because everybody was buying battery operated saws!  WOW. Now I feel old. the only electric tool we had was a really sturdy craftman 1/4 drill and a black and decker orital sander. everything else was hand powered. Oh, we never did find the hand powered saws. My pal is going to loan me his. I have one, but not sure if the Stanley saw sharpener will work on the saw.
I got up early yesterday and walked across the street to put on a yard waste tag on her cart: somebody stole her's the day before. Now that's got to be low. But, alls well. I finished up the minutes for the board meeting, and ran down the battery on the voice recorder.  oh well. I just need it for tonights general meeting. We have a lot to get done with tonight. Wish US good luck.
I'm off ( and loving it)
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