April 4th, 2019

happy me

Yes, i'm one happy camper!

I am one happy camper today. Paid all of my bills yesterday, except one, and they won't take payment till their billing date comes?? We're right in the middle of "HUMP DAY" and "TGIF". A good place to be. Now all I have to do is, roll up my carts, my neighbor's carts, place another tag on her cart. Some thief actually lifted her tag off her cart! That cost me $6.00. and then, ( place drum roll here), go to Lowes and find a nice, small saw, to cut some branches. Then go grocery shopping and then, ( take a deep breath) write up last nights minutes. WOW. I'm going to be one tired boy by 6PM!
But, it kind of worked out ok.
So, I'm off
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