March 25th, 2019


Hey, wake up! It's "BLUE MONDAY"

Here we are. starting another week. with the exception, that for a whole three days, we get sun, and a tad warmer. just a tad. But, it is the last full week in March. I'm glad when March leaves us for another year.  Today is wash it day, and maybe, finish the design of the banner. You'd think I'd have enought creatively to snap it together. Nope. This is a different club. Different people, and interests. Did i also mention a "Large" club?
Today, i woke the cat up. YAY ME. of course, DTE's crew woke me up at 7:23AM. They sure do start early. But they're very efficent too. Good crew.
ok, time to get with it.
I'm off
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