March 21st, 2019


What a Hump day! I had a crane diging up my sidewalk.

The Day after HUMP Day. Yay, kind of. DTE is serious about replacing the gas mains. One guy used a cement saw, then a hydraulic crane came and dug up the sidewalk. followed, by a truck with the new pipe coiled on the wagon. Guess what happened then?  yup. string the pipe in the new hole and then come back with the crane and fill it the hole. all within 2 hours!  These guys are professional. ( Gals too- one of the crane operators was a women)
Now is Happy day after Hump day and usually means  " Grocery" day. YAY me. Now i get to dodge all those electric carts and watch out for the herd of folks making their way to the sales table. Yes, grocery stores do have sales tables. only, they're deguised as shopping carts. sneaky, aren't they!
Ok, I'm off ( and watching my toes)
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