March 15th, 2019

happy me

yup. I'm still a Happy Camper.'s TGIF!

ah, we finally made it. TGIF. and i'm almost all well again.  Yesterday was a day to be told. Pal came over, drank my coffee, ate my cookies, then put on a new belt on the dryer. What a piece of junk this dryer is!  Who ever heard of removing the front panel and the side panel to replace a belt!  and the belt...its just as thin as a piece of Spaghetti . and, it goes over the whole drum. How cheap can you get!  Then, we went grocery shopping and then, he hung my shower curtain. what a guy! God Bless Him and his family!
I woke up to Godzilla walking on my front sidewalk. The gas company was tearing up the sidewalks to replace the gas line. All over the North end. TGIF.. I'm also going to have a long chat with my Dr. about why i get food poisoning. i've gotten it 3 times in the last 7 months. maybe nothing. maybe.......
ok, enjoy the weekend.
I'm off
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