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March 2nd, 2019

Hey, its whooses Birthday....

Now is the time for good boys and girls to shovel their neighbors sidewalks and driveways.  Right?  Ok, I'll do it.  Well, we had a short but informative meeting last night. it was very subdued: we were missing a board member. We had a demostraition on the Yaesu Fusion system, as it is in operation in Western Michigan. Today is the day i get to work. i have oodles to do, now if only i can come up with the enery to do it! ah....i am going to try and build a "workable" database for my use.   we are also getting ready for another artic vortex headed this way. I am so tired of being cold...
ok, back to work. oodles of stuff to update.
I'm off  ( and loving it)