February 28th, 2019


well, that was one Subdued meeting.

I actually totally almost forgot the board meeting last night. it was one subdued meeting. We were missing one member.  I said this during the Tuesday night, and its still true today: " It's been one hard year!".
Great news, ( for a change!) one of my neighbors did for me what i usually do for them: shovel their sidewalk and driveway.  I'm glowing all over. Not a word was spoken between us, but we both felt warm all over.  Helping people, and loving them, seems to be the same thing.  Now days, both are needed.
Well, today is Happy Day after HUMP day, and the day before TGIF.  And, place a drum roll here, we have another artic vortex headed this way. YAY US. cuddle up with your significant others, or, critters.
I'm off
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