February 24th, 2019

happy me

It was a wonderful night!!

THe pizza Ranch was more like Old Country bouque, or Fire mountain, except, they have a lot of pizza's to chose from too.  41 of us gathered in the Restaurant. The weather co-operated and we weren't suppose to get the freezing rain, snow and then 60 mph wnd gusts till later. I saw people i haven't seen in a long long time. It was good to see them again. This used to be called "The New Hams Dinner', but times change.
We also offered a prayer for a friend who had an heart attack last Saturda, followed by a nasty stroke. He's on a long road to recovery.
We then honored one of our own for all the significant achievements he has made to our community and Ham Radio.  Jerry, W8MSK. Congratulations jerry.
So today, i'm waiting for the wind to start blowing ( it already is).
i'm off
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