February 10th, 2019

Geneshalf all anim

Almost back to normal.

Tree limbs all over the neighborhood. I have my own mess to clean up. But not in 10 degree weather. It aint going anywhere.
Our Amateur Radio club went out yesterday to help provide communications to the shelters, which were badly needed. I can't imagine what its like with no heat for 4 days. My hat goes off to all who braved the nasty temps to help others out. God Bless you all!
Me? I felt motivated enough to replace the furnace filter, do the laundry, shovel the sidewalks and make some phone calls.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMUND Lomascize ( W8NZW)." He turned 100 on January 28th. 100 years old. Wow, and I feel ancient at 69!! I'm still a kid. I called his relation, Father Don, and we're planning a trip to see him when its safe.
Ok, Its time to spend like a normal Sunday: read the comics.
I'm off
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