February 8th, 2019


Hey, I'm back.

What a week. Yesterday I lost power for about 15 minutes. I also lost Xfinity for about half an hour! No internet. But it came back and I spent time figuring out in the world I was going to go to the store. Me and everybody else, it seems. The parking lot was full and there were more people in the store than I imagined. My next door neighbor called to tell me one of my branches fell on their fence and took a piece out of it. But there's nothing I can do now. can't open my gate to haul the stuff out. i'll call my home owners guy and see what he says. However, I think they're going to be very busy removing branches and trying to get 134,000 people back to being powered. Gosh, we've been having a terrible month, or should I say "YEAR?". and we're not done yet. stay tuned.....
I'm off
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