February 5th, 2019

Avalon Trolley

Back to winter....

Here we go....again.  cold, maybe snow or freezing rain, or both.  I tried to remove the ice and snow from my driveway: No go. water pooling over icy cement doesn't help a snow shovel lift snow. it does help slip and slide all over the place. Now if only i was a kid, this would be fun. But sliping and falling down and swearing at a snow pile isn't much fun at all. unless, your a cat, looking out the window and cleaning his paws while i'm out side swearing.  But hey, we only have 11 weeks left of this.  or was it 11 months??
I just saw the newly redesigned Toro snowblowers. HA HA HA. this is a good joke. anything to cut corners i guess. Profit margins are all important.  Now why would i say that?  instead of an auger, it has what can only be described as a paddle wheel??
I'll keep my shovel, and fond memories of "Pickles".
i'm off with a meow kitty on my lap.
I'm off
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