January 30th, 2019

happy me


I'.m so happy. this all reminds me of growing up in this neighborhood.  I'd go around to my neighbors homes, and offer to shovel their walks for $0.25.  Yes, for a whole quarter. They would always give me more than that, but it's the thought that counts. Yesterday, It took me three trips outside to shovel a 20 foot path, 2 feet wide, to the sidewalk! 6 inches of snow my hind end! try 14 or more inches. and thats not counting all the lake effect that fell last night before i finally turned in, around 2AM.  The cat got us up at 8:20AM. it was -4 below then. oh my gosh.  I don't mind snow. i kind of mind the very cold, but i absolutely dislike not being able to get out and walk to the avenue!  You know, i like to get out, not being shut in.  Don't get me wrong. I love snuggling with the cat, but.......24/7.  Thats a much too many meows.
I just heard the city trash truck warn others to not go up that hill: they won't make it. A good thing, a truck got stuck, and a neighbor shoveled him out!  There always is a silver lineing to a cloudy day.
ok, stay warm.
I'm off
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