January 27th, 2019


Now that was cold! I couldn't even stand 2 minutes outside to get the mail without....

My fingers feeling like pins going through them.  But the real cold is within 73 hours of now. A forecast high of 0 or -1 below!  Thats the high.
So, here kitty kitty.   I think i'll do the wash today. just to be sure i don't have to do any work till, like Thursday?
I've got some obitutary writting to do, as well as check on a research project for the club. it's almost done. I really need a hair cut too. gosh, i didn't realize getting old would change my hair texture. it does!  It feels like sandpaper. YUCK.   and its a grey scooter the cat color. either that, or somebody is really shedding!
oh well, best to get it done with.
I'm off
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