January 22nd, 2019


I'll give Mr.Bumpy another chance. He's batting 0 right now.

The artic week that is,,,coming to a house near you.  A whole week of up and downs. Temperature wise, that is. Maybe snow thrown in for good measure.  But it wont stop me from going out today and try and shoveling the driveway out.  The only thing that will stop me is "COLD". I pay attention to fingers and nose when outside in winter. I got froze bite last winter. No fun. Cloves? Ha ha ha. they work as long as you don'g grab hold of a shovel. Then look out. when you feel pins sticking in your fingers or nose, get inside. just drop whatever your doing. Once you get warm, you can go back outside and try it again.
which reminds me......its time for me to do that again.  sigh.....
ok, i'm off
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