January 21st, 2019


Meet my new weather person: " Mr.Bumpy"

Yup. I thought I'd give "Mr. Bumpy", a chance to forecast the weather. He couldn't possibly be off the mark than the real world meteorologist are. I had breakfast 40 minutes ago at 9:10AM: the temp was -9 !.
and this weather pattern may continue for the next 3 weeks. Good thing I shoveled the sidewalks and neighbors walkway on Friday. Cause, I'd never get this ice/concrete blocks moved by myself. Thank you city plow trucks. They've done a terrific job in cleaning the roads. Really, I'm not criticizing them, they do a thankless job. I wouldn't want to sit in a truck for 9 hours in winter plowing streets. I just wish there were a simple method of shoveling the bottom driveway out, instead of waiting till spring comes along. ( will spring actually arrive this year?)
Ok, I'm off
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